Photo Retouch

Mind2Eye Studios works with photographers and makeup artists in order to retouch beauty shots for print ads as well as enhance model images for portfolios. We have the ability to push colors to the limits, smooth out skin and hair, clean up hair fly-away’s as well as touch up hair root colors. We can also restore old family photos which may have been damaged or torn.


Photo Retouch and Restore Work

Photo Retouch Beach

Client: Makeover Gallery International

Brief: Photo Retouching (background colors, models skin & clothing as needed)

©Mind2Eye Studios

Photo Restore

Client: Independent

Brief: Restore image (scratches, color, background tear, etc.)

©Mind2Eye Studios

Photo Retouch Hair

Client: Hot Shotz Productions

Brief: Company sample image. Photo Retouching (coloring, skin, hair, etc.)

©Mind2Eye Studios

Photo Retouch Face

Client: Naked Minerals

Brief: Beauty Shot for company ads. Photo Retouching (coloring, skin, hair, facial lines, etc.)

©Mind2Eye Studios

Naked Minerals